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Posted on June 19, 2012 by essayreview review review

Custom Essay has been providing essay writing services for the past 30 years. The site offers originally written term papers, research papers, special projects, resumes, job application, dissertations, and book reports and reviews. It also offers helpful links for research and formatting. Editing services are also provided by the company. The essays can be for any academic level requested: high school, college, university, Master’s, and PhD. The essays provided by the company can be of any topic such as humanities, sciences, engineering, history, and mathematics.

A page on this site consists of 250 words. General term papers start at $30 per page. Meanwhile, technical research papers cost $32 and above per page. This generally applies to subjects like economic, geography, general science, and specified topics that require extensive studies. Thirty-two to 34 dollars are charged on specified topics. These include economics, nursing, law, linguistics, and business.
Business case studies go for $40 dollars and above per page. Book and film reviews cost $30 and above per page. This rate applies for a short book or review. Reviews of one long book, two short books, and two films cost $32 and above per page. Technical areas or reviews of three books or films and above are charged $34 dollars and up each page.
As for resumes, entrance letters, and cover pages with a two-page minimum cost $80 and above. Additional pages for resumes cost $35. Editing a resume is priced $45 per page.
Speech writing costs $15 per minute such that a minute has 100 words. The shortest speech written is five minutes. Therefore, $45 is the price of a five-minute speech. Additional pictures cost $45.
 Additional Information
The company does not offer any discounts. However, it has an organised site that is easy to read. The website contains detailed information of prices unlike many sites. The interface of the website has only necessary information and not uninformative pictures like other sites.