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Posted on July 3, 2012 by essayreview review

The is the online company which offers its members the access to their content and research database. They also give the members the chance to share their research and content at their turn. You will have to purchase the membership to be able to join the company. You can get everything you want for the entertainment, educational and informational purpose. You need to use the content of this website according to the regulations. If you want to join the company, you need to provide the updated information about yourself and you have to be legally able to do the contracts.

If for any reason you account sign up is unacceptable, your account opening may be declined. When you join as a standard member, you will not be required to pay for anything but the company or its affiliates may decide to charge you if you require some premium services. When you decide to purchase the services, you will be told how much you need to pay for the services that you want to access. The applications or the content that you submit, are protected by the intellectual and copyright law. It is illegal to dissemble, to decompile and to reverse the engineer of the sites. You should not create, adapt, or modify derivatives of the site content. You are not allowed to do this or to help someone to do this. The researches that are available on the site are taken as it is basis and they can be made available for the reference, research, entertainment or informational purpose only. The company is not liable for the materials or content that are put on their site and they do not have the need to pre-screen the content that you post. However, the company cannot take the work that is unauthorized or plagiarized, if there is a reason to believe this.

As far as you have an active and valid membership, you will have an access of the material and the service available on the site. The work available on the site should not be translated, regardless if it is for non-commercial or commercial reasons. You should not redistribute, resell, or alter the works of this site. To have access to this site, you need to have a password and a username. You should not let anyone to use your details, to log in your account and you should not give anyone else your password. Your account will be tracked and you will be responsible for anything that your account will be used for.